manifesting my own destiny
Even though I knew I would start beating myself up by the end of the week for wasting all of my time again, I still think that this week was very important for catching my sanity.
So, yeah... taking a week from work was the right decision. Even though I did not clean the house like I was going to, even though we did not go out of town, and I did not do anything from the practical things that I should have done, I still think it was a good week.
Because it's exactly DUE TO all these practical bullshit that I feel so uncomfortable and insecure (well, it's mostly my mind that identifies itself with all these material things and focuses on "problems" to solve), so this time was "wasted" towards finding my own peace within this chaos of polarities.
It's so essentially important for all of us to just take a moment to connect with what's within, with something that is so much more real than what all of us are trying to achieve in life.
I've been trying to succeed in this one and only thing my whole life - finding true purpose and meaning and somehow achieving balance and happiness that comes along with that particular purpose and meaning.
All things and events from the past have brought me to this point in life when I am finally starting to realize that I will never find any balance and peace and harmony while looking for something outside and while waiting for the things that I don't have now but which will supposedly make me feel more secure/confident/happier, etc.
Real life example: the fact of moving out of our parents' tiny bedroom where I'd spent a year an a half trying to get to the place where I am now and looking at the ocean out of our two bedroom a year and a half later, I know that this did not make me a happier and more fullfilled person in the long run.
It's the best, it's liberating and I would have never traded this moment for anything else, but achieving something that was the reason of me denying the moment I was in the past, left me with the same feeling, with the feeling of constant striving for something I don't have right now but should make me feel better when I get it.
Or waiting to see my family. In Russia. Just like trying to get out here. From Russia.
It all happens NOW. It's that simple and yet so difficult to realize.
Maybe because we are so asleep and were born into such an unconscious and conditioned reality that our minds can't stop and keep controlling our lives.
I've always had issues with understanding my own purpose and my own existance in life. And now when I've come to what seems really far way from what I used to identify myself with even three years ago, I find it so much more difficult than ever.
Seeing the truth, but not yet completely able to integrate it all into right model of reality for myself.
It is difficult, because I've already stripped myself away from a lot of things (thoughts, things, destructive emotions, stereotypes, etc) that were contributing into the unconscious living.
And I still have a lot of other things that are not helping me to dissolve.
While working a full-time job that only proves the unconsciousness, consumerism and automatism around, it is quite challenging to be true to yourself and build your own model. My freaking biological clock and the perception of time does not help here either.
But I have to learn.
NOW learning to take baby steps.
Learning to notice beauty around me in smal things, learning to breathe (consciously!), to observe my emotions and thoughts. To see that they are just the conditions, the models that do not fit me any more.
Learning to create space - that pause, that I think is the pathway to a more conscious Self, to your own healing and to all the answers.

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